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Alta Sierra Biblical Gardens Labyrinth
What is it?
The labyrinth is a path arranged in a pattern. Most often the path spirals or winds in a circular shape. This sacred tool is part of an ancient, mystical tradition which is being reborn in our time. The 11 circuit labyrinth is replicated from the Chartres Cathedral Labyrinth in France built in the 13th century. The labyrinth is an archetype, a Divine imprint, of wholeness. Walking the Labyrinth is an act of pilgrimage, a moving meditation or prayer path. It becomes a metaphor for the life journey allowing us to deepen personal experience and conscious contact with the Divine. The walk is also an interfaith, shared journey which builds community and opens us to healing and growth.

How it works:
One walks the same path in and out. There are no tricks or dead ends: it is a unicursal path, not a maze. there are three stages of the walk. The first stage, the journey inward, is SHEDDING, a releasing and letting go of details and concerns of life. The mind empties and quiets as one finds a pace. The second stage, ILLUMINATION, is reaching and staying in the center rosette. This is a time for personal prayer and meditation, a time to receive what is there for you. the third stage, leaving the center and retracing the path, is a time of UNION and joining with God, your Higher Power, or some other aspect of the Divine, for empowerment and/or healing in worldly relations. This stage provides grounding, guidance, and integration for whatever one has received. Often this stage continues after one has left the labyrinth.

Clear your mind and become aware of your breath. Allow yourself to find your body's pace. You may "pass" people or let others step around you. the path is two way; those going in will meet those coming out. Be willing to experience your experience. Relax and trust your experience. Do what feels natural.
Please respect this labyrinth as an interfaith, nondenominational, and contemplative garden space. In consideration of others, please don't not leave children unattended or running through the labyrinth. Please restrain them from making letters or words with the rocks, which obstructs the walkways and is hazardous. The rock piles will be used to finish landscaping this summer. Thank you for your cooperation and care.
If you would like more information on the Labyrinth and/or upcoming events, or to schedule a private event at the Biblical Gardens Labyrinth, please contact me.

Blessings and Peace be with You on Your Journey
(530) 272-1363

Grace Works Community Project
The GRACE WORKS COMMUNITY LABYRINTH PROJECT began on June 20, 1998 with the construction of the Biblical Gardens Labyrinth. Flour was used to delineate the path pattern of the 40 foot earth works replica of the traditional Chartes model. The site, a naturally secluded and serene clearing, sits besides Rattlesnake Creek and adjacent to The Alta Sierra Biblical Gardens. Owners Paula and Maskey Heath have graciously opened the space for the development of an interfaith, nondenominational, community labyrinth garden. In August 1998, a volunteer crew helped lay river rock on the labyrinth pattern. The purchase of the rock was made possible through donations.

The second stage of the project was the design, planning, and construction of a 31 foot portable canvas labyrinth completed in mid September 1998 at the Grass Valley United Methodist Church. The painting of the eleven circuit purple pattern was done by a small group of dedicated volunteers whose caring and careful hands cocreated a lovely blend of sacred art and mystical tool.
The projects current implementation phase has two parts: 1) the ongoing development and maintenance of the Biblical Gardens Labyrinth, and 2) the planning, organization, and facilitating of special events using the portable Grace Works Labyrinth at other locations. Please contact me if you, your group, or organization would like to sponsor a special event, either at the Biblical Gardens or elsewhere. Possibilities for Labyrinth events and uses include:
  • evening lecture or educational forum
  • an introductory labyrinth walk with orientation
  • an in-depth labyrinth workshop
  • youth group activity
  • a group or parish retreat
  • a fundraising event for a particular group or ministry
  • professional team building and organizational consulting
  • labyrinth planning and construction
  • conference demonstrations and presentation

The Biblical Gardens Labyrinth needs ongoing support in work time as well as donations. All donations are tax deductible and may be made payable to: Alta Sierra Biblical Gardens - Labyrinth project. If you are interested in volunteering to be on a work-maintenance team, please contact me. The Biblical Gardens is open 7AM to 7PM into the fall as long as weather permits. Share this with a friend. Make a personal pilgrimage, and enjoy the beauty and serenity of this sacred space. Please call me if you want more information or have questions.

Paula Heath
Alta Sierra Biblical Gardens
16343 Auburn Road
Grass Valley, CA 95949

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