thank you God Alta Sierra Biblical Gardens Trail

Christian Stewardship Continues

In 1996 a Nevada City couple, despite being long time residents of the area, made their first visit to the Alta Sierra Biblical Gardens. Showing out of town relatives the sights, Paula and Maskey Heath were drawn to the Gardens, more out of curiosity than part of the planned itinerary. As they both have a love of the outdoors and gardening, they thought the Gardens would offer an interesting collection of botanical specimens to see and perhaps provide a cool place to escape from the summer heat. That chance visit would have a profound impact on their lives while leading to the long term preservation of this unique spiritual environment.
On arriving at the Gardens they followed the meandering path winding its way through the lush greenery, past sculptures, statues, fountains and on to a small bridge over the brook. As they paused to admire the view, they both remarked how they felt an inner peace and tranquility in the midst of such beauty. The feeling intensified as they came to the outdoor wedding chapel, and again they were transfigured with a feeling of quiet serenity.
They continued to another bridge and found themselves lingering at the sight of a statue of Jesus, high on a rock overlooking the creek. With each step of their journey, the feeling that they were somehow destined to play a role in the Gardens grew stronger and stronger within them. Finally at the statue of the Crucifixion, they knew that a decision had somehow been made for them to maintain this special place on God’s earth.
As they reluctantly departed, they noticed a For Sale sign. Within three days they made an offer, met with the Sommers, and became the owners of Alta Sierra Biblical Gardens. They will operate the Gardens during their time on earth, and then it will be given to the community to continue God’s work.
The Gardens will be operated as a non-profit organization, relying on donations to assist with the maintenance and care of the area. There are no grants or annuities to defray the expenses of operation. It was built on faith and will continue to exist with the generous support of visitors and friends of the Gardens. Donation boxes are located near the entrance and at the exit. The Gardens are open daily from 9AM to 7PM April 15th through October 1st. they are closed in the winter months. There are two parking lots, drinking fountains, restrooms, and even space for parking buses. Benches are placed throughout the Gardens where visitors may rest, reflect, and allow the serene peace and tranquility to nourish their soul.
Everyone is welcome in the nondenominational Gardens. You are invited to walk the area at your own leisure, take photos, quietly meditate in private, enjoy a family picnic, or just exhilarate in the natural beauty. Many people have remembered family and friends by supplying a plaque and dedicating a plant or statue in their name.
The only rules are ones of basic courtesy. Please, no pets in the Gardens or picnic area; no alcohol on the grounds; take garbage and litter with you; and do not pick the flowers. (That will be hard, but only take memories; they last forever).

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